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About Us

What is Luxury Pet Travel?

We are the world’s first luxury online travel agency truly dedicated to you and your very best friend. For us, every day is a dog day. The best dog day ever. That is what Luxury Pet Travel is all about. Every dog needs to see, smell, taste and hear the world to feel truly alive, every precious dog day. To sense something else, and experience the world together. As long as there are new places to see, new treats to love and adventures to experience, we will be there to guide and care.

“The world at your feet”, they say. We say “The world at your paws”.



Our Mission

Help and support pet travelers

We are available around the clock if you need help before you book during the holiday or after your homecoming.

Be the best Pet Travel Portal

We can for sure say that we are one of the best Pet Travel Portals on the Internet up to date, with a leading “safe and secure” booking technology and customer support knowledge.

Create a better travel experience

We use leading technology to ensure your information is kept safe and secure in our systems. We’ll never give out any kind of information about you or your trip to 3rd part without your knowledge.

Be the biggest platform for the travelers with pets.


You must be feeling lucky to be a pet owner, because your cutest family members are responsible for the most vivid experiences of your life. So when it comes to travelling, you are not ever going to reconsider the prose and cons of travelling with a pet or alone, because all that counts is the company of your funny, lovely and loyal friend. Naturally it is within comprehension,because pets are always the premises of the most pleasant feelings and moments of your journey. Here is why Luxury Pet Travel has decided to give you this very opportunity of having the most pleasant feelings and moments of your journey without facing any problem in planning of your trip.

The advantage of traveling with pets is not only in feelings, but they may also be ensuring the security of Your personal things when you are in a foreign environment dazzled by the new atmosphere or are having fun at beach. However tempting it sounds to have pets with you on board while travelling, you are supposed to deal with a range of issues before you will get to your destination. These issues require some intense researches for avoiding unpleasant troubles and picking the most convenient to you and to your pocket solutions.

 These embrace the sticking into the mountains of papers for being permitted to transfer your pet, the choice of the airline to get the best conditions for your pet, booking the hotel where pets are allowed and are may be are taken care of, buying cabins designed special for them as a temporary accommodation so on so forth.


Here is why Luxury Pet Travel has been founded, to be the best portal where you may find the best answers and solutions to your questions.

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