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At the heart of Luxury Pet Travel is man’s best friend, travelling the world in great style.

Luxury Pet Travel is the world’s first online travel agency truly dedicated to people who prefer travelling with their dogs. Or dogs who prefer travelling with their people!

We aim to create a link between Hotels, Chateaux, Luxury Resorts, Villas,  and our discerning travelers. We provide information, inspiration, guidance and booking services to a cosmopolitan and dog-loving clientele.

Our clients are people of sophistication and high standards. They are accustomed to the exclusive and the finest things in life. This is what they expect and what we provide.

Becoming a Luxury Pet Travel Hotel

We would like to give you the opportunity to be one of our carefully selected hotels. 

For you, this is a way to reach, affect and attract a new segment: distinguished guests who live a jet-set lifestyle and travel the world with their dog. 

There is an endless list of selected services that appeal to our canine travelers. These services are optional, but contribute to the overall satisfaction of our clients. We are aware that their dogs are their babies, and if the baby is happy they will be coming back to us and you!

We can assist you in the development and set up of such services.

As any other online agency, we provide the information and marketing to our clients. We also want to reassure you that our booking system will be fully integrated with your operative system for a smooth and effortless service delivery.


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We believe that this is just the beginning of a new venture, a great passion and a valuable friendship. 



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